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The Poison Garden….a list of plants to avoid….!


While going through some of my very large list of Favourites from my days of Regency writing, I came upon a site that I think will be of interest to those devoted to the mediaeval period. And writers concerned with that period, because let’s face it, if we need to bump a character off, poison is a good way of doing it. Right?

But these plants were important to mediaeval society for all manner of reasons, and most of them on this site were around in England then. Some weren’t, of course, having been introduced later. So a comprehensive list of poisonous plants, most with pictures as well, is both interesting and useful. Especially as some of them as deceptively lovely. “Come and pick me,” the flowers whisper. “Come and eat me,” wheedle those scrumptiously treacherous berries. Over the centuries too many unfortunate souls have listened to these blandishments.

I discovered this site some years back, and as you will see, it’s still going strong. Well done to the owner! Another very useful site, especially for those who do not live in the UK. It’s all about the wild flowers to be found here. Shakespeare often refers to flowers, which is all very well for the British, but must be puzzling to those who live abroad. So here is a very comprehensive site, complete with lots of pictures.

We are all interested in the flowers that Richard would have known, too!

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One thought on “The Poison Garden….a list of plants to avoid….!

  1. Kalina on said:

    Wow…. Richard did not poison Anne!!!! (I hope…:)))


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