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We can exclusively reveal …


… that David Starkey has solved the mystery of Stony Stratford. As we know, three to five hundred of the Dukes of Gloucester and Buckingham’s men managed to persuade Edward V to accompany them to London and not Earl Rivers’ two thousand retainers who had taken him so far. Most of Gloucester’s adherents were in Yorkshire which is not, despite what a certain novelist may think, an inner suburb of east London.

In a Channel Four documentary to be broadcast next month, Dr. Starkey will reveal that Gloucester’s men were successful because they had the use of a squadron of Spitfires and the SAS (Special Archery Service). This was, as he points out, the era in which da Vinci designed a helicopter.

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10 thoughts on “We can exclusively reveal …

  1. janet slocombe on said:

    Has he gone crazy?? No one in their right mind will believe this.

    Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2015 07:01:45 +0000 To:

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  2. white lily on said:

    I’m sure Starkey will say that it was Lieutenant Philippa “The Loon” Langley who led the Special Forces. 😛

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