The evisceration of an Alexandria dweller

Pages 69-70 of the latest Bulletin feature the complete fisking of Terry Breverton’s book, chapter by chapter, by the veteran writer Ken Hillier. Breverton, he says, has just repeated a lot of things any reasonably intelligent person now knows not to be true – the ultimate definition of a denialist.

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. But it appears Breverton is one of those strange people who think Henry Tydder was a saintly creature, the saviour of the nation. He is (I gather) a Welsh Nationalist, and like many of that breed cannot get beyond the fact that Tydder was ‘Welsh’. I find it hard to get into this mindset, as I can (without even trying) think of a whole host of Englishmen and women who were utter *****. The idea that someone is automatically good because he/she shares your birth nation is one that I (frankly) find baffling.

    And anyway, as you all know, Tydder was only 25% Welsh by blood. He wasn’t Llywelyn Fawr. He wasn’t even Llywelyn Bach.

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  2. I am no longer a member of the Richard III Society, and so have not read this item in the latest Bulletin. However, if it repeats all the tedious old myths and lies, I don’t think I need to. Off with Breverton’s head. And I write as someone proud to have been born and raised in Wales!

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  3. Breverton, I believe, knew nothing about R3 until his editor told him to go out and write a book about it once the remains were found. Since it takes years to accumulate enough knowledge and sensibility to write intelligently about him, I would imagine the book is a total dog.

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  4. It is unfortunate that Richard sells books. Because it has encouraged all manner of mercenaries to write about him, even when they know less about him than I do about (say) George I. The difference is, I wouldn’t write about George I.

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  5. Uh oh- I just hope not every literary indiscretion is punishable by the old HDQ treatment hereabouts? else the headline would really scare me 🙀😁. But the Breverton book does deserve the most severe censure in the book, not for being anti-Richard (with any author I don’t know there’s a fifty percent chance that his/her book about R III is “against”), but rather for outright title fraud, having Richard’s name, essentially, pasted on to a H VII biography. Of course, the market for the latter would be somewhat smaller…


  6. I have done an evisceration of Mr. Breverton’s book, and will send excerpts from it as soon as I can manage. Have family visiting from out of town right now – I do have a sense of priorities! Besides, they do feed me.


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