On the preservation of sources beyond our shores

Our post on Thursday (https://murreyandblue.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/the-book-kendall-could-write-today-4-two-little-boys/) showed that Jehan de Wavrin’s comments on the relative sizes of George and Richard in 1461 are available to us because Wavrin’s “Recueil des croniques et anchiennes istories de la Grant Bretaigne” (p.357) was composed in Burgundy. It was, therefore, beyond the reach of the “Tudor” agent known as the Human Shredder, whether he was Polydore Vergil or Robert Morton.

Similarly Dr. Anne Sutton (in the June 1977 Ricardian) has rediscovered Richard’s 28 June 1483 letter to Lord Mountjoy in Calais, enclosed a copy of the Three Estates’ petition to Richard – and perhaps the evidence Stillington gave to them is available?. The record of Richard’s remarriage plan surfaced in Portugal, thanks to Barrie Williams. Evidence relating to the “Simnel” coronation remained in Ireland.

Is a pattern emerging here? I wonder what else the archives of the rest of Europe have to tell us that England’s own could but can no longer?

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. I wonder too, and honestly hope the Society is indeed financing archival research on the continent as they said they are in the message sent after the reburial. I only wish I had any competence in paleography and Latin and the connections to help in this search in my own country, I am sure the more you dig, the more you find. Last dig was pretty exemplary in this respect

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  2. Hi, Iris. You might be interested to know that the Richard III Society (UK) offers a program of instruction on paleography – the art of deciphering the calligraphy and commonly-used Latinate, Middle English and Norman French abbreviations when creating a written record. I hear it’s a pretty tough course, and not many people are able to complete it. But at least there’s something out there to help people who otherwise don’t have access to University instruction.

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  3. Thank you White Lily, interesting heads up. However, it might be easier for me to complete my University curriculum with paleography in my country, if and when I should ever have the time, than arrange to follow the UK one, but it’s good to know should Fates ever bring me back to the UK for good one day


  4. it’s all in the detail.
    If we can find his remains , there is a good chance we can find more crucial written contemporary evidence.
    Somewhere ” out there ” may lie letters, documents, illustrations,etc. It would be so wonderful if some history faculty ,somewhere, could concentrate on a more efficient and knowledgeable translation of the documents we have already got, and the discovery of more.Just think what a dedicated and properly funded Faculty could re-cover and piece together. I believe it is time to completely re evaluate our understanding of history , it is so full of human error , a more forensic and scientific method is now possible .There is so much in terms of manuscript sharing now but it very rarely gives us any translation. This is a specialist skill which requires total dedication and a natural aptitude to be a geek. This is the sort of history I would love to see being undertaken. Geeks in translation, geeks for image interpretation, we have geeks in bones and DNA now. So exciting what e are capable of if we unite and focus ! ” Richards truth is out there ” open those X files !

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