The Queen’s Beasts….

The Queen's Beasts

There was a item posted at Facebook today showing one of these fascinating heraldic creatures. A quick look online has revealed a site where you can see them all, and zoom in on them.

The set comprises ten models, and was made circa 1955. It was modelled by James Woodford and issued in a Limited Edition, comprising The Lion of England, The Unicorn of Scotland, the White Horse of Hanover, the White Greyhound of Richmond, the Red Dragon of Wales, the Yale of Beaufort, the Falcon of the Plantagenets, the Black Bull of Clarence, the White Lion of Mortimer and the Griffin of Edward III, richly decorated in gold, silver and bright enamels, 15cm, marks in gold, boxed, with original booklets discussing The Queen’s Beasts and The Queen’s Vase. Originally made to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, it was subsequently issued as separate models.


    1. It was invited, jrlarner, but refused to be anywhere near the Tudor emblems. And quite right too.


      1. I have a set of the beasts, along with the boxes, the royal heraldry books, one of the Queen’s Beasts, and one on all the royal beasts, the illustrated booklet created by Minton with the whole story of of the Queen’s vase – used for the sale of the beasts, and the date-of-issue stamps and postcards. I don’t know how many sets Minton made in the six months of sale. Do you by chance know or can you direct me to someone who knows the number?
        My grandparents picked up the set on one of their trips. I used to play with them when I was a child. I don’t now!


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