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A dialogue with himself …

… in which David Starkey took over the “Today” programme on Thursday:

Rather a shame because he should stick to Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, about whom he is the principal expert.

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4 thoughts on “A dialogue with himself …

  1. viscountessw on said:

    Who’s the loon now, sir?

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    • viscountessw on said:

      Actually, if he is so OTT and incorrect about Richard, how sure can we be that he is to be replied upon for Henry VIII and Elizabeth I? What swings one way, usually has to swing the other as well, or it ain’t gonna swing. So is his praise for those two monarchs as clay-footed as his opinions of Richard? In other words, can we take his word for anything at all? Perhaps his real niche is fiction.


  2. With that egomanic temper of his I would guess he does research on Henry VIII by studying himself in the nearest mirror, which of course might yield the accidental spot-on result. But seriously, the man is such a self-centered pompous … that he couldn’ t recognize a result that would not fit in with his preconceptions if it smacked him in the face. Researching isn’t enough, one has to be open for what one finds, which Starkey is not.


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