Poor Richard, wronged again, but SO thoughtfully….

Richard's coffin at Leicester Cathedral


Can someone tell me why this person wanted to be at the cathedral in the first place? To sneer? To feel superior? To be solely and nobly responsible for representing the ‘silent majority’? If being ‘divisive’ warrants exclusion, there are a lot of other people, not only monarchs, who should be weeded out and chucked in the composter. It would certainly clear Westminster Abbey and various other places.

This isn’t a thoughtful letter, it’s judgmental…and a load of old b-ll-cks, based on claims made against Richard by his self-interested enemies. There is no proof that he did anything wrong. There wasn’t then, and there isn’t now. So this letter-writer thinks this wronged king should be condemned on hearsay.

Perhaps I’m over-reacting, after all I have a cold and a grumpy temper to match this morning, but somehow I think that when I have shrugged off both, I’ll still view this letter in the same way.

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