Do I spy a likeness to Grandpa York….?

Edward IV and his granddaughter, Mary Tudor, Queen of France Browsing for one thing and finding something else seems to be a common phenomenon, and sometimes I’m not sure if what I notice is right or not. Anyway, this morning I happened upon a portrait of Mary Tudor, Queen of France, daughter of Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York. Therefore granddaughter of Edward IV. The first thing I thought on looking at her was how like her Yorkist grandfather she was. Maybe it’s just one of those things, and no one else will agree, but here’s a comparison. There is another portrait of her at which also shows the likeness.


    1. I don’t know, Christine. All I can find is that it was 16th century, by an unknown artist.


  1. I always thought the younger Henry VIII looked like Grandpa York too. If Edward IV had been a horse, his stamping his get in his own likeness would be cause to refer to him as a “prepotent sire.”

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