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One of Margaret of York’s wedding guests…?

Detail - Sir John Donne - Donne Triptych - Memling - circa 1475

Following on from my post of yesterday (Might this be Richard’s sister Margaret…..?) concerning a possible likeness of Margaret of York/Burgundy, depicted in She might be the young woman in green, seated to the Virgin’s left. A little more browsing today took me to the Donne Triptych, by the same artist, The triptych is illustrated at, where there is also a potted history of Sir John, who seems to have led a charmed life between York, Lancaster and Henry VII.

Elsewhere, I found the following information about the Donne Triptych: “Sir John and Lady Donne are shown wearing Yorkish [sic] collars of gilt roses and suns from which hangs the Lion of March pendant of King Edward IV. The altarpiece may have been commissioned when Sir John was in Bruges in 1468 for the marriage of Margaret of York, Edward’s sister, to Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, or possibly on a later trip to nearby Ghent.”

Imagine having the time in those days to go to a foreign land for an important dynastic  wedding, and finding the time to sit for a masterpiece!


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