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Might this be Richard’s sister Margaret…..?

Detail_St_Barbara_Hans_memling,_trittico_di_san_gacomo - may be Margaret of York

Yet again, while browsing around for something else, I happened upon this painting, which is of interest because of the suggestion that it is, in fact, an early portrait of Richard’s sister, Margaret of York/Burgundy. I found it at It is a detail from the Saint John Altarpiece by Hans Memling (sometimes the ‘Triptych of the two Saints John’ or the ‘Triptych of St John the Baptist and St John the Evangelist’) painted around 1479 in Bruges. The above figure (Saint Barbara) is believed to be Margaret.

I am not an art expert, and am just going by what I have found on Wikipedia, so if anyone else knows more about this painting, please, do tell.


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