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The Sunday Procession (BBC News/ Channel Four)

I write, having watched some of the day live and then the highlights programme. It was moving in many different ways. Sadly, Channel Four decided to utilise Dr. David Starkey again for their coverage and he was even more erratic than usual when he strays from his own area of expertise.

“The Richard III Society has always denied that there was anything wrong with their King’s back”. This is most strange as I have a copy of a widely distributed 2004 booklet (Seeking the real Richard III) in front of me. Part 1d) clearly states that “The story of Richard’s hunch-back seems basically to be a Tudor myth” and “… (but possibly such statements reflect) some slight anomaly in Richard’s physique which could later be magnified into a gross deformity …”. So the booklet, written by one John Ashdown-Hill, accurately predicts the scoliosis in the remains he himself played a large part in locating. According to the Ricardian index ( there was a June 1978 article “The Deformity of Richard III“, which may have clarified this even earlier. So Starkey is incorrect on this point, whether he knows this or not.

Apart from this, Dr. Starkey referred to the other key player in the search, Philippa Langley, as a “loon”, which is a little less than respectful in those circumstances. He didn’t patronise Dr. Helen Castor quite as much. At the same time, he recited More’s works ad infinitum despite More being only five in 1483, contradicting himself in the narrative and possibly never intending to publish it.

Indeed, when anyone takes More’s work seriously, I check the date but April 1 is still a week away. In some ways, I feel sympathy for one whose long-held certainties are exploding beneath his own feet.However, as Maynard Keynes is supposed to have said: “When the facts change, I change my mind.”.

Instead of repeating long-discredited allegations against Richard III, he should go back to Henry VIII and his 72,000 executions, his own area of expertise. His idol, indeed.

Will the cobbler stick to his last?


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5 thoughts on “The Sunday Procession (BBC News/ Channel Four)

  1. sighthound6 on said:

    Ha, good name for a new Facebook Group – Ricardian Loons. The best way to deal with abuse is to reclaim it.


  2. However, from what I hear from people who were not previously convinced by the Ricardian point of view, Starkey’s pantomime villain performance had the opposite effect to that which he wished to create

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  3. Esther on said:

    I’m wondering why Richard’s back is getting so much attention. IIRC, More (and Shakespeare) also gave Richard a withered arm … and described him as accusing Elizabeth Wydville and Jane Shore of causing the problem by witchcraft at the council meeting of June 13, 1483. We now know that Richard never had a withered arm — so this account of the council meeting is false. Why isn’t this fact getting more attention?

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  4. hoodedman1 on said:

    I wonder that too, Esther. An outright lie in the work of sainted More. As for Richard’s back, it is a complete fallacy that all Ricardians believed he was ‘perfect.’ I believe many of them though he had some physical complaint but not the gross deformity depicted by Shakespeare….and this proved to be the case. One of my non-fiction text books from the 1980’s mentions that Richard probably had some problem with his back/shoulder which could be generally hidden.


  5. mairemartello on said:

    I’m another Ricardian who always believed there was something amiss with Richard’s shoulder – or back. I wasn’t at all surprised that he had scoliosis. Of course, I also believed that the condition had not been terribly debilitating given the number of battles he fought – and won.


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