A Double Eclipse

On 16th March 1485, there was a total eclipse of the sun. The locations from which the whole of the sun would be obscured lay to the south of England, so that from England more than 80% of the sun would be obscured, enough to reduce the light and make the day darken ominously. It was on this day that Anne Neville, Queen of Richard III, passed away and the eclipse was seen as an evil omen, reflecting Richard’s supposes evil character. Of course, these days we understand the physics involved and know that it doesn’t represent anything evil. However, it appears (according to my research and I could be wrong) that on that day the sight the people would have seen if they looked up at the sky would have been like this:Eclipse

To me this looks like a frown! Perhaps God/the universe was sad about her death.

Interestingly, on 20th March this year 2015, almost exactly 530 years later (and yes, I know the dates change because of the different calendars but even so…), just before the re-interment of Richard, there will be another total eclipse of the sun. Again, the area where the sun is completely obscured is not over the UK, but this time it is to the North of us, meaning that what we will see in the sky (at about 9.30am) will look like this:

Eclipse1Is that a smiley face or what? The universe must be happy that Richard is being given a proper burial at last. So let’s all smile!

Here is a link to see how the eclipse will unfold on March 20th:


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