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Richard III’s portraits reveal his (lack of) deformity….

Richard's Portrait X-ray

Here is an interesting article about the various alterations that have been made to Richard’s portraits. No, not the alterations of which I have been guilty, but the sneakier “Tudor” activities to blacken Richard’s character and appearance. The article is from 2009, with the then knowledge of whether or not Richard was the monster as described by More and Shakespeare, but it is new to me, and, I hope, new to you as well.


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2 thoughts on “Richard III’s portraits reveal his (lack of) deformity….

  1. Good find.

    There are also a few other articles on Richard available for PDF download at the same site; they’re listed in the column to the right of the article you cite. One is a letter of comment from Jeremy Potter, then president of the R3 Society. He defends Richard’s reality from Shakespeare’s fiction.


  2. Gabby on said:

    Is it me or is his mouth open in that picture?


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