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I have just found a very interesting site at It belongs to a lady who makes 15th-century clothes by studying the old illustrations. It’s packed full of photographs and old pictures, and a LOT of information about the fashions. She is very talented and tells her stories very well. Worth a really good look.


  1. Thanks for this find, it’s great to see how things came together — or didn’t — and to contemplate the wardrobe malfunctions of the 15th century.

    I’m left in awe of her talents to recreate women’s fashion, and extremely grateful for my jeans and sweatshirts of today.

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  2. Me too, Merlyn. She’s unbelievably dedicated, and the end results are, to use an awful expression, gob-smackingly good.


  3. Fascinating to see how Medieval fashions are put together from all the various layers and bits. All the finished pieces look exactly ‘right’.


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