What if?…

Portrait of King Richard III
King Richard III

I am nearly finished writing my first novel (about Richard of course!) and there is a section where the question “What if Richard III had won the battle of Bosworth?” is asked.

We know that he nearly reached Henry ‘Tudor’ and so it isn’t too farfetched to imagine the result if he had killed Henry.

Would he have executed the Stanleys? What about Northumberland?

And Rhys Ap Thomas who allowed Henry to enter the country over his ‘bellie’? Would Richard have become more ruthless?

Would England have remained a Catholic country? Would Richard have invaded France, as the French also supported ‘Tudor’? Would he have gone on a crusade?

It is known that Christopher Columbus’ brother, Bartholomew, came to England in 1489 to request funds to fund his brother’s venture to the New World and was refused by Henry. Would Richard have acted any differently?

Would he have married Joana of Portugal? Would she have agreed to the match, since she had previously refused other suitors?

What would Richard have done regarding York Minster, as he was planning a chantry chapel there? If he built this, would he have moved Anne’s body (and his son, Edward’s) there, using it as a family mausoleum?

What other laws would he have brought in? Would he have moved his court to the North? How would he have behaved towards the Scots?

If the ‘Princes’ had not been killed in the Tower, but moved, as many of us think, what would have happened to them later?

What sort of king would he have been? (I think I can guess what most of our readers will say to this!)

Discuss! Please leave your comments below!


  1. I hope that your novel doesn’t put Tudor in quotation marks all the time. It’s really getting boring now. I note that John Ashdown-Hill has stopped using them, and as he started the trend, perhaps we should all follow him again.

    I strongly doubt a long reigning king would be buried so far away from other monarchs in York.

    The Reformation would probably have happened as it did in other European countries but perhaps not with the same process as that employed by Henry VIII.

    Whether Richard would have been able to build on the legislation in his only Parliament would depend on his relationship with and support from the nobles.

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    1. I don’t think we would have had a monarch as a supreme head of the English church and if it decided to break from Rome it could have done it as an independent church. Even if it doesn’t I believe Protestants from the continent may have settled here as the did in real life and converted many of the English people. We could have then ended up with 2 churches coexisting. I don’t believe there would have been an Anglican church as we know it and most likely our national church, if we had one in the alternative world where Richard was victorious, would have been independent. All 3 other countries which make up the UK do not have an established church. England with its established church is unique but it’s only a matter of time before the Church of England becomes independent too – in the real world I mean. Any future head of state, king or president could refuse to be head of the church and trigger a constitutional crisis.

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  2. No, Jasmine, it doesn’t, I am merely following others, I am happy to drop them! 🙂
    Thanks for your comments. I agree about the Reformation and Parliament. I do think Richard would have been quite innovative, though, because of what he did in his first Parliament. As he was our first (and only?) ‘Northern’ king, maybe he might have made York more important than it had been for previous kings.


  3. I’m working on a similar book! Would be interested to hear more. In my mind, Joanna was too old to be a viable and fertile bride. The Spanish infanta would seem to be a better choice. PM me if you are interested in in-depth discussion that might be benefit us both!


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