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A song about ‘The Lord Protector’….

The Lord Protector - Holly's Picture

This illustration is from a video of a Legendary Ten Seconds song called ‘The Lord Protector’. It is set in 1483, when Richard III was still Duke of Gloucester. The king, Richard’s elder brother, Edward IV, died suddenly, and on his deathbed declared Richard should be Lord Protector during the minority of Edward’s son, the new Edward V. The boy’s mother, Elizabeth Woodville, neither liked Richard nor wanted him to have the power the position would give him. She preferred her own family and friends to enjoy all that.

We all know what ensued. Richard learned that Edward IV’s marriage had been bigamous, because Edward had consummated a contract with someone else first, and that made Richard himself the rightful king. Little Edward V, and his younger brother, Richard of Shrewsbury, became ‘the princes in the Tower’. In the royal palace of the Tower, not a cell or dungeon. They weren’t his prisoners, they were his nephews and he treated them as such. But, of course, they disappeared from history, and Richard has generally been blamed for their murder. He was a Wicked Uncle. Well, I  firmly believe that he sent them to safety (from abduction by the queen and her cronies) with his sister Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy, and something befell them on the way, or actually while in Margaret’s care. Certainly I don’t think they died at Richard’s hands. The full story may never be known.

Anyway, here is a link to the song. The drawing of Richard is by my twelve-year-old granddaughter, Holly Stanley.


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