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Brevity is not just the Soul of Lingerie

lingerieI’ve recently been walking along de Nile and happened into a hot, sandy tent full of Cairo Dwellers who, at least, initially, have given me a polite “hi!” sign.  And for that I thank them.  I felt comfortable enough to scroll down their papyrus scrolls to see what gives and discovered they are importing satirical essays that sometimes reached one thousand words!  Take that you miserable slackers:  Dorothy Parker, Woody Allen and P.G. Wodehouse.

The satires follow along lines such as these:  Did Elizabeth Woodville have Richard’s love child, was Richard a Siamese Twin and could Edward the Fifth have been a transgender?  There was a little debate about that Siamese Twin thing but one of the Dwellers pointed out that that was…satire.

Now, I, like the fine American playwright George S. Kaufman, believe that “satire is what closes on Saturday night” but I stayed with several of the essays hopefully digging for a nugget of funning.

I’m still digging but that’s for another thousand-word essay.


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One thought on “Brevity is not just the Soul of Lingerie

  1. I suppose Mr. Wilde was right when he said, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” 🙂


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