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Straight from the horse’s mouth?

……… in which Dr. John Ashdown-Hill, who located the mtDNA match, tells nerdalicious what these findings really mean, not what the Cairo brigade (eg Hicks, Dan Jones and their acolytes) are already twisting them to mean:

1) Given that Richard III is only four generations down from Edward III, whilst the Somerset samples are about twenty down, they are about five times as likely to contain the “milkman”‘s DNA. In the interview, he even mentions the John of Gaunt – John Beaufort “connection” as a possibility for the broken link, which would substitute the (mere gentleman) Sir Hugh Swynford for Gaunt.
2) One of the live Somerset “cousins”, descended from the 5th Duke of Beaufort, doesn’t match the others, suggesting that the broken link could be quite recent, as well as the extra one this shows.

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8 thoughts on “Straight from the horse’s mouth?

  1. Ed on said:

    “The Cairo brigade (eg Hicks, Dan Jones and their acolytes)”… what a cretinous statement. Even if you disagree with their opinions (which, as examples are very bad anyway, since they do not support each other), you should show some respect for basic professionalism. Anne Sutton would be ashamed of you.


  2. kbinldo on said:

    Mutations in the Y-Chromosome would not lead to a change in the Haplogroup itself.


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