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A big development

It seems from this that there is a Y-chromosome mismatch between Richard III (as confirmed by his mtDNA, age, scoliosis etc), and the present Duke of Beaufort.

There are various possibilities and our piece “A genealogical mystery deepens” outlined one – that Sir Hugh Swynford fathered the first “Beaufort”, making the Dukes of Somerset, Beaufort and “Tudors” his descendants.

There is one interpretational error in the (very long) article, however. Any break between Edward III and Edward IV/ Richard III would not invalidate their claim because their father’s maternal line was senior to the Lancastrians. The real Lancastrians would not be affected by our hypothesis which is, of course, one of many and can be tested in ways we have made clear.

Now we have the irony of a broken DNA link being described by a broken weblink in the Daily Mail

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5 thoughts on “A big development

  1. kbinldo on said:

    Just a clarification for people: Richard was descended from John of Gaunt, but through one of his daughters with Katherine Swynford, Joan Beaufort, who was born long after Katherine’s first husband died. Joan was Richard’s maternal grandmother.

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  2. Wow. A doctor once told me, “Blood doesn’t lie. We run tests to see if a patient is telling the truth when they tell us what they’ve been doing.” DNA doesn’t lie, either.

    It’s lovely that dead men can tell tales, especially this dead man. The walls between the worlds are growing thinner, which makes me think perhaps the “Tudors” are chewing their spiritual nails in that other world. “Don’t let them find out about….”

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  3. If the Marquess of Dorset was a Swynford then his descendants could have no lineal claim to the throne whatsoever. Some might be Tudors or might not, but there would be no royal descent either way.


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