First he scowls, then he smiles….

Richard's Portrait - before and after twiddling

Oh, the wonder of computers. They can impart such power, even to making Richard III show his true colours at last, by smiling from his hitherto moody portrait.

The portrait of him held by the Society of Antiquaries is believed to be the earliest of the few portraits that still survive of Richard. All of them were painted after his death, presumably from lost originals. So, we see Richard as the young man he was, lean, dark-haired…with disapproving eyes, pinched lips and a generally mean appearance. Really? Is this portrait a ‘Tudorised’ dig at the dead king? I think so. I do not believe this was how Richard looked. Yes, he was young, lean and dark-haired, but not with that horrible expression. Please.

To the rescue comes Paint Shop Pro X6, and with a few tweaks, Richard is more light-hearted. His eyes are shining and warmer, his lips curved, and the whole thing has changed. Isn’t it amazing what a smile can do?

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