Pies and fireplaces….

What connects St. George’s Hall, Windsor, to a wild boar pie??? No, not a feast at the castle, but a fireplace.

I wanted to know how many fireplaces there are/were in the hall, and so Googled pictures of it. Lots and lots of pictures, some new, some old, but no sign of a fireplace at all. Did they freeze in there in winter? Granted, the 1658 bird’s eye view of the castle by Wenceslas Hollar shows what might be chimneys all the inner side of the hall, but then again, they might belong to some adjacent part of the building. Hard to tell.

So on and on I went, examining pictures and photographs, when suddenly . . . wait a tick! What’s this? A wild boar pie? Yes, indeed, a very splendid wild boar pie, with intricate pastry-work and gold leaf. Magnificent. You can see the webpage for him at http://www.historicfood.com/Eat,Drink%20and%20be%20Merry.htm

I wonder if Richard III enjoyed such a pie? It’s certainly worthy of a king.

Well, the number of fireplaces there might once have been, or still are, at St. George’s Hall remains a mystery to me, but it was a real bonus to happen upon a delicacy like this, complete with a boar’s head for Richard’s delectation.

Research is so rewarding. Look for one thing, and something else turns up.

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  1. Well, there is a fireplace in St George’s Hall now, but I do not know when it was installed. As far back as early in the reign of Henry VII? Does anyone know?


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