Another case of monarchical remains and their DNA

This time it is Tutankhamun (no doorbell jokes, thankyou) nearly three millennia earlier. The “virtual autopsy” shows him to have had a clubfoot and he owned about a hundred walking sticks as a consequence, strangely held in the wrong hand. DNA evidence appears to show his parents (Akhenaten and the “Younger Lady) to be siblings, which is almost enough to make a pontiff spontaneously combust. Such such inbreeding, in which he later participated, is likely to have led to his fatal illness as well as his lameness, although he was previously thought to have died in a chariot accident. His identity was confirmed by his recorded location. There was a campaign of “damnatio memoriae” against him, which may sound familiar.

What has Richard III started?

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.

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