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The “Third Prince” – more thoughts

Many of you will remember Annette Carson’s contribution to last March’s Leicester conference, describing Edward, Earl of Warwick, as the “Third Prince”. He, barred by his father’s attainder, was just as significant as his cousins but we know that he was treated well throughout Richard III’s reign. From almost the day that that ended, he became a prisoner in the Tower.

Some decade and a half later, he was joined by one “Perkin Warbeck”, thought by many to be Richard of Shrewsbury, the middle son of Edward IV. Whilst people often point out that “Perkin” was not allowed to meet Shrewsbury’s mother (Elizabeth Woodville) or his sister (Elizabeth of York), possibly for fear of recognition, he established contact with Warwick. We know this because they were tried for a mutual treasonable conspiracy.

It is generally thought that they, and another cousin John of Gloucester, were executed in 1499 to clear a path for Arthur “Tudor”‘s Spanish marriage. Had the Earl definitely recognised his cousin, Henry VII had another powerful reason to dispose of him as well as the long-term rebel “Warbeck”.

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7 thoughts on “The “Third Prince” – more thoughts

  1. Matt W. on said:

    At last we are getting someplace besides the usual nonsense based on T. More, which was never published and contains so many inaccuracies as that it is an accepted view he quit writing because he uncovered evidence which pointed to the princes survival. A big threat to Richard as a more direct link to the throne, yet the third prince as you term him is brought to live in Richard’s household. Where, indeed, there is no record anywhere of a special guard or his movements restricted in any way shape or form? Yet Richard is the villian to the Cairo dwellers. Fiction.

    I must say, Stephen, to the woman who claimed shock and offense to that term, Cairo dwellers, it is a remarkably tame and even generous description. I had no idea what the heck you meant by it until about a month ago.

    If you ask me, you are being too charitable with the term “Cairo dwellers”. I have much stronger terms I use to describe them, which I won’t put here, M&B being for general readership and not wishing to be accused of further bad manners…ahem.


  2. Richard of Shrewsbury the middle son of Edward IV? Who was his youngest?


  3. Jasmine on said:

    Is it really the case that PW was never seen by EoY? I had always thought so, but recently I have read that PW spent time at HT’s Court. If this is true, then during this period, it is very possible that he and EoY would have seen each other.


    • Wroe thinks not.


      • Jasmine on said:

        I haven’t got round to reading Wroe’s book yet, but that is an interesting proposition. Someone who claims to be her long lost brother is at Court, yet kept away from the one person who could disprove his claim. How difficult would it be for two people to be kept apart in a crowded place like a Court?


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