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Henry’s insecurity….

There’s quite an interesting (48-minute lecture) take on Henry VII at The lecturer points out that when Henry arrived in Westminster after Bosworth, he was the first King of England who had no experience whatsoever of how an English court worked. The lecturer thinks he was reliant upon his mother and wife to guide him until he learned the ropes. I can’t imagine Henry taking lessons from Elizabeth, can you? He might pay close attention to his mother, but that’s all. Unless, of course, his marriage to Elizabeth was a success from the outset. Which no one really knows. He was ‘unuxorious’, yet spent six weeks deep in secluded grief when she died. What their marriage actually was like will probably never be known.

It’s an interesting thought, though, that Henry was actually green about the English court. Apart from five months spent at the French court immediately prior to Bosworth, one supposes his only experience of courts was occasionally in Brittany. When he wasn’t banged up somewhere. The lecturer also thinks that this lack of court knowledge on Henry’s part was yet another reason for his suspicious, ‘haunted’ nature. (The picture is just to add colour to this, and is not connected with the lecture.)

Henry VII - anonymous

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