The Double Standards of the Cairo residents

“I think we have to change things by going after those who continue to slew the historical evidence at every possible opportunity. When a writer refers to Richard raising an army against a defenceless Woodville entourage in 1483 we need to respond with the evidence that he did the exact opposite and that it was the Queen’s party who raised a small army to escort Edward back to London and Richard who kept his men to a minimum. When Richard is accused of bullying the Countess of Oxford we need to point out that she was funding her son’s treasonous activities abroad and therefore searching her lodgings and cutting off the income streams that funded his enterprises were actually quite reasonable in the circumstances. She paid the price for being Lancastrian to the core in the same way that Cecily Neville was bullied by Marguerite’s troops at the Sack of Ludlow as the wife and mother of ‘traitors’. When Sir Thomas More is quoted as a reliable contemporary source we should counter with the facts that he was a child in 1485, raised by Richard’s implacable enemy Bishop Morton and used him as a key source for his writing during the Tudor period and is therefore neither reliable nor contemporary to events. We do not need to create a saint, far from it. We need to break the cycle that portrays Richard’s actions as anything other than understandable in the context of his world. Moral judgement through C21st eyes is a nonsense in relation to the reality of life in C15th yet almost every historian who approaches Richard’s life falls back on either championing or castigating him at a deeply moral level. It is not that this doesn’t apply to other historical figures, we can think of many other individuals who are treated like this by history. We seem unable to move beyond the eternal questions of justifying or condemning which is ultimately a great hindrance to appreciating the wider picture. Richard will never be understood until we can truly embed him into his own times.”

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. But the numbers of those who understand and support him are growing all the time, so although the progress is slow, it is relentless. And just LOOK how much it has advanced since his remains were located. There is too much about him that is fascinating, and stirring. All the injustices dealt to him by the Tudors have been given credence for far too long, and are now being neatly chipped away. These particular “Cairo residents” (certainly not the real people of Cairo, let me be clear on that, for I would hate them to think they were being insulted) are having their foundations weakened. And serves them right for building with camel d—!


    1. I agree. We must not relent in the struggle to put across an objective view of the events of the 1480s. Unfortunately, some of the stuff which has escaped on to the Internet regarding the reburial place of Richard III has contributed to the general view that Ricardians have a very unrealistic view of histoy. This does not help our more general case at all.


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