Sir Galahad in stained glass….

sir-galahad-2George Frederic Watts  Sir Galahad 1817 - 1904 - The Fetch of Richard III6-sir-galahad-cryder-memorial-window-19101

I recently posted a picture that I had fiddled with to put Richard’s head on a painting of Sir Galahad by George Frederic Watts. Just now, while looking for something else (doesn’t it always happen?) I came upon a stained glass window of the same painting. It’s the Cryder Memorial Window, before 1910. Leaded glass, 45 x 27 1/4 inches. St. Andrew’s Dune Church, Southampton, New York. Really beautiful. The pictures I have uploaded here are self-explanatory, I think. The first is the original painting (or rather, a version of it – I can’t find the exact one I used now), the middle one is my twiddle, and the one on  the right is the stained glass picture.


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