More Cairo fun

It seems as if those denialists, rather than give up and concede that the evidence*since Kendall is favourable to Richard, are descending into self-parody.

Apart from someone, with a name that is quite valuable at Scrabble, resurfacing after five years, we have had some new claims. The Calais garrison were suggested to have defected to “Tudor” when Edward IV’s bigamy revealed, except that we know that they were loyal throughout Richard’s reign as John of Gloucester was still their Captain at the end. Catherine de Valois apparently attended and addressed Parliament when her “wedding” to Owen Tudor was attested to, a considerable feat for a dead lady.

Still, these new falsehoods make a change from their old ones, disproven so often.

* Barrie Williams, Ashdown-Hill, Carson etc

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. As my father used to say of his local Dorset newspaper, it was ‘wip’ one week, and ‘wop’ the next. The editor must have decamped to Cairo.


  2. It’s easy to make false claims as the Cairo dwellers do. And as long as no one researches their claim, calls them on the misinformation/propaganda, and cites the sources backing up the truth, they get away with it. And so, third-rate propaganda whispers down the alley as history….


  3. One of my recent faves was someone in an alleged Yorkist group which is really Tudor made the claim that Kendall changed his opinion on Richard and retracted everything he wrote in the foot notes at the end of the book .
    When asked which edition of the Kendall book had these amazing game changing footnotes they just ignored the question .

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  4. Even if Katy Valois had been alive, her attendance at and addressing of Parliament would have been a remarkable precedent. I suspect the first woman to do that was Mary I.

    But hey, perhaps they had a Planchette in the Painted Chamber.


      1. When you say, “On the screen”, do you mean in a television programme? If so, who was the presenter? Or, if are you talking about a blog, who was the writer?

        Were the claims about the Calais garrison and Catherine de Valois made by the same person in one programme or article, or by several persons using different media?


  5. The Calais and de Valois claims were made by the same person – see “one troll in particular”. In the other case, I mean on a blog, which will become clearer in due course.


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