The book Kendall could write today (3) – the “pre-contract” and

Or, more correctly, the “previous contract of marriage”. This is the other topic that has really moved on over the past sixty years. From a situation in which Lady Eleanor’s very existence was denied as late as twenty years ago, anyone who understands the subject and lays the evidence, including that of the cover-up, in a straight line reaches the conclusion that her marriage to Edward IV is a matter of fact, recognised by a quasi-Parliament that knew Edward well and with more evidence than other “marriages” have. We mostly have Dr. Ashdown-Hill to thank for this.
Now it is time for some non-Cairo historian to write a new full biography of Richard III, to take account of Barrie Williams’ 1983 discovery in Portugal of the re-marriage plans, a new scientific interpretation of the random bones ten feet under the stairs, the ex-Princes’ survival evidence as well as JA-H’s revelations.
Only a few have the ability, time and inclination for such a project but the life of this significant King cannot be left to those who misunderstand the important points, whether by accident or design.

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


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