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The Land Fairy?

We published “A mystery from 1468” nearly two months ago, pointing out that Lady Eleanor Talbot owned some land after 1461 and trying to explain how.

It wasn’t from her first marriage or as a dowry.
It wasn’t inherited.
She couldn’t have afforded to buy it.
It seems to have come from Edward IV but there would have to be a reason. What better reason than that they contracted a secret marriage.

We did expect the residents of Cairo to have invented an alternative explanation by now – the Land Fairy left the deeds under her pillow one night, perhaps, or she won the Lottery – but they have not. Perhaps they are too busy creating new Facebook groups, ostensibly about other historic figures just to repeat the proven lies about Richard III?

Then again, they have failed to explain this away in years, never mind two months.

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6 thoughts on “The Land Fairy?

  1. Mary Friend on said:

    One of the pieces of land was described as Caldicot. There is a Caldicot Castle in Monmouthshire which had belonged to the de Bohuns but belonged to Edward IV. I can’t remember if it came to him as part of his Mortimer inheritance or if as King he gained it through the Duchy of Lancaster.


  2. One of us — or some of us — need to write and publish an lurid historical romance using Edward IV and Eleanor as its protagonists. Then we’d get some publicity for this theory. (Am serious. Not joking. Srsly, writing lurid historical romance has worked to revise history for the inhabitants of Cairo.)


  3. I really can’t think who you mean 😉


  4. sighthound6 on said:

    The land was obviously donated by the Magic Bunny. Or perhaps the Distressed Gentlewomen’s Society.


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