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Believing six impossible things before breakfast

It never ceases to amaze me what I can find on the web. Only the other day I came upon an interesting argument. You know all that positive legislation Richard enacted in his one and only Parliament? (The legislation that the anti-Richards tend to play down, and claim did not really add up to a hill of beans anyway?) Well, apparently all this good stuff was not nasty old Richard’s idea at all. It was sort of forced on him by the Commons. They came up with the ideas, and Richard was far too weak politically to resist. So you see, he doesn’t deserve credit for all those positive items of legislation after all.

But hang on. This is the Parliament that was so intimidated by King Richard and all his nasty armed men that it was forced to pass Titulus Regius against its better judgement. Because they were scared of all those nasty northerners led by the demon King himself. I mean, he’d have your head off soon as look at you, wouldn’t he, bruv?

Do you see the problem I have? One of these propositions could be true, or both false, but as sure as God made little green apples they cannot both be true. You cannot both dominate the King completely and be utterly terrified of him at one and the same time.

I think some people hate Richard III so much that they will take up any stick with which to beat him, even if that stick defeats the very argument they made last week. Or yesterday. It isn’t quite at the stage of believing six impossible things before breakfast, but it’s certainly working towards it.


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