The decision, finally

So, Leicester it is. After all the furore, delay, money spent and suffering (if bones can suffer) of Richard himself, we are back where we started. If it were not for this judicial challenge, he would be buried now and at rest. But, Spring 2015 is when he is to be finally shown the honour, respect and consideration his rank is due. Then we, his supporters, will be able to go to Leicester and think our personal thoughts while we are actually within feet of him. No more seeing from afar on TV or in the press, we will be physically close. It is something to which I look forward. He’s been important to me for so long that I need to pay my personal respects. May everything go well from now on, and may the wounds of this disagreement between friends be over and done with. We’re not York or Leicester, we’re Richard’s supporters. Maybe we are laughed at sometimes, for adhering to a long-dead king, but we know what it feels like and what it means to us.
Loyaulte me lie.


  1. Please let me clarify here. I have not supported one side or the other in this debate, I have merely expressed my relief that a decision has finally be made and Richard can be laid to rest. If the decision had gone York’s way, I would still say the same things about being able to go to his tomb. It happens to have gone Leicester’s way, so Leicester is where I will have to go. Please do not see anything in my post except relief that a decision has been made, and a hope that I will be able to pay my respects in person, so to speak. That is all.

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