Name the Monkey

I’m writing the latest book in my Cicely Plantagenet series, in which Henry VII’s pet monkey makes its appearance. But I’m stuck for a suitable name for the little darling. The monkey, that is, not Henry. I’ll love to hear any (polite) suggestions. I’ll love to hear them all, of course, but the name in the book has to be sly and clever (ironic, some people might say!) Not anachronistic either. I would love it to be one that has a go at the House of York. I mean, it’s Henry’s monkey, he’s bound to find it amusing to call it something along the lines of Dickie. But I can’t bring myself to that. Henry can’t have his way. So please let me know your suggestions. A copy of Cicely’s King Richard to the winner.


  1. There were so many worthy entries to name Henry’s monkey that it is a shame to announce a winner. Well, I feel there should be two winners really, because the suggestion of one person led directly to the suggestion of the other.

    Joan Szechtman suggested Crimp or Crimpet, which are mediaeval nicknames. And from that, Janet Reedman added Crumlin or Crumplin, dialect words meaning ‘little crooked one’. Then the latter name was confirmed by the gentleman from Sheriff Hutton, who said that Edward of Middleham’s tomb used to be known locally as ‘Little Crumplin’, seemingly in a reference to him being the son of Richard III (Big Crump/lin?) So, Henry’s monkey will be called Crumplin.

    Because I feel that both Joan and Janet deserve to win, I intend to offer them both a copy of Cicely’s King Richard. If either of them has already bought/ordered it, then I am happy to send them copies of the second book, Cicely’s Second King, although I will not have any until mid-July or thereabouts. All I need now is address and choice of book. So if you will let me know, ladies…? And congratulations.

    But thank you everyone for entering into the spirit of this. It was fun and we all had a giggle. I doubt if Henry will have another monkey any time soon, but if he does, I will be knocking at your doors again for inspiration.


    1. Thank you for this information, manxmaid. I do hope I don’t offend any Crumplins. I didn’t realise it was a surname as well. Didn’t think to look, if I’m honest. Henry’s Crumplin is a loveable scamp, so perhaps that will redeem me. And he does lead Henry a merry dance, which is bound to be in his favour, methinks.


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