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Well, I’m not quite sure about this review in The Independent. To me it is not balanced. Will Gore has no sympathy for the ‘emotional’ Ricardian side of events, describes the Leicester archaeologists as ‘pragmatic’ (read sensible and worthy), and almost writes, “Richard? Richard who? Oh, him. The monstrous bloke invented by Shakespeare and those great Tudor guys.”

After reading this, I was left puzzled. Mr. Gore criticises the book, praises the book, and in the end sides with archaeology in general. Which, to me, isn’t the point, because the book deals with a specific dig, and no ordinary archaeological dig at that. No matter what the Leicester team thought.

They didn’t look beyond the end of their collective nose. Yet they are the heroes, Richard III wasn’t worth a t-ss, and his supporters are soppy, maybe even certifiable (my word, not Mr. Gore’s) Oh, well. If I were Mike Pitts, the author, I’d be a little bemused. I’ll be buying the book, which I think will be more balanced than The Independent’s review.


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