Such a lot of bones …….

We all know those whose cognitive dissonance over Richard III is so strong, they watch the Tanner-Wright identification evidence and More’s narrative fall apart before their very eyes and yet claim it to be conclusive. Is “bonehead” too strong a word?

Anyway, here are two further news items:
Installation of underground heating in St. Peter ad Vincula revealed the remains of some unidentified 1500 people, mostly people executed by the “Tudors” (“Secrets of the Tower”). The two/ more/ fewer corpses found at a notably great death in 1674 could be just two more “Tudor” victims, unless they are centuries older.
A child’s skeleton was found in Edinburgh Castle in 1830 (“Mary, Queen of Scots”, Fraser, p.279). This could imply many things.

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.

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