Marriage a la More.

More’s account of the marriage of Edward IV The Duchess [of York] with these words nothing appeased, and seeing the King so set thereon that she could not pull him back, so highly she disdained it, that under pretext of her duty to Godward, she devised to disturb this marriage, and rather to help that… Continue reading Marriage a la More.

The delusions of the Cairo-dwellers*

The fact that various foreign courts recognised Perkin Warbeck as Duke of York merely shows that he was a useful diplomatic tool against Henry VII. Even though he was personally known to Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy, it is obvious that he was animposter. She was clearly telling lies for political purposes. On the other hand,… Continue reading The delusions of the Cairo-dwellers*

Treason and plots – a tale of 1468

Lady Eleanor Butler (born Talbot) probably knew that she was dying. In the early months of 1468, she transferred the lands that were hers to transfer to her sister, Elizabeth, Duchess of Norfolk. Where these lands came from is something of a mystery. John Ashdown-Hill has demonstrated that they were not dower lands, could not… Continue reading Treason and plots – a tale of 1468

It can now be revealed…

Minutes of the Disposal of the Princes Sub Committee Held at the Tower of London, Fetterlock Suite.  Present:  His Grace King Richard III (in the Chair) My Lord Bishop Russell (Chancellor)  (BR) His Grace the Duke of Norfolk (Earl Marshal) (JH) My Lord Viscount Lovel (Chamberlain) (FL) Sir Robert Ratcliffe (Representing the North)  (RR) William… Continue reading It can now be revealed…

Another review

“Anne Neville: Richard III’s Tragic Queen—Amy Licence. Kindle Edition. Amberley Publishing. Gloucestershire, UK. 2013 Unfortunately, this book fell far short of my expectations developed from the quite brilliant introduction. Once I got into the body of the book, I found it contradictory and repetitive. For example, in Chapter 3: Warring Cousins 1458 – 1460, Licence… Continue reading Another review


DIGGING FOR RICHARD by MIKE PITTS Well, I’m not quite sure about this review in The Independent. To me it is not balanced. Will Gore has no sympathy for the ‘emotional’ Ricardian side of events, describes the Leicester archaeologists as ‘pragmatic’ (read sensible and worthy), and almost writes, “Richard? Richard who? Oh, him. The… Continue reading RICHARD THE POSTER BOY