The delayed burial of Arthur Pole?

As many of you are aware, Bisham Abbey has been a sports centre of sorts for many years now but the Priory was the burial place of the Earls of Salisbury (and later also of Warwick). There is a mystery on it’s website:

(Sir) Arthur Pole was another of Richard III’s great-nephews and managed to die of natural causes before his family became embroiled in an apparent plot that saw his brother, mother and cousin executed and his nephew disappear without trace. It is clear that he was alive in 1527, is thought to have died in 1535 and been buried in 1539. Four years between death and burial is an excessive delay in any case but there are possible explanations: he died later, was buried earlier or that the remains are those of his eldest brother Henry, Lord Montagu – who was beheaded on 9 January 1539.

Two of these cannot explain why a Pole brother was buried in a Priory about a year after it was demolished. It would seem logical to conclude that he was buried earlier.

By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.

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